Connecting you to a qualified Mental Health Professional

Source Health is here to listen and support you on your journey to mental health wellness.

Connecting you to continued health support

Source Health will match you with ease to qualified allied health practitioners; speech therapist, exercise physiologist, dietician, counsellor, nutritionist, occupational therapist.

Connect anytime, anywhere

We are here to help each individual to find the right therapist to help them navigate through challenges, gain clarity and more importantly acknowledge their need for support.

We meet you at the point of your need and are committed to make quality mental health services accessible for all, indiscriminate of culture, gender, age, race and social status.

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Your best life starts today!

Woman on her laptop connecting with a psychologist


We CONNECT you to the right Source to help you to navigate through whatever you are facing.

Woman on her laptop connecting with a psychologist


We’ve got your back. Together we will develop strategies to empower you to OVERCOME your challenges.

Woman on her laptop connecting with a psychologist


Ongoing support so you can LIVE your best life.

Reach out to connect

Source Health will connect you to someone you can trust to help you navigate through your journey. Your choice, your time, your place.

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