About us

Our Story

Source Health evolved from Your Psych Online which was established in 2013 out of a passion to help community by making quality psychological and emotional support accessible for all.

In February 2019, YPO embarked on a new journey to revamp with the new name “Source Health”  and birth a fresh vision in Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers and Connecting Communities. Support with no barriers is the heartbeat of Source Health as we widen our scope of service deliveries of Allied Health.

We want to bring down the stigma surrounding mental health by supporting each individual in their journey to mental health wellness.

We have adapted new generation platforms to deliver Tele-Psychology  services efficiently, at the convenience of your location, wherever and whenever that may be.

We are also happy to announce that Medicare support is also available as we assist your mental heath journey.

Source Health
Source Health

Our Vision

We work towards delivering critical Telehealth services for mental health support and other allied health services. Through innovative technology Source Health will reach individuals and communities.

To create a market place platform for psychologists and allied health professionals to deliver effective telehealth services on a stable and sustainable online platform.